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It all started when two LAPD officers in Watts wanted to do more to help the community they protect. They watched kids living in a dangerous city, attending a school system that was failing them. The chance to achieve their academic potential was almost zero.


So they helped these kids get into private elementary schools and high schools. And they saw them thrive. They saw things start to change.


But what happens when high school ends for these kids? For most kids with strong academic potential, college is the next logical step, but the admission process can be grueling. For kids living in a home with no experience or guidance on how to navigate this process, it can be nearly impossible.


And this is how Watts2Boston was born.


By pairing a host family with a scholar from Watts, the process begins. It starts with zoom calls for guidance and support. It culminates with a visit to the host family's home after junior year to work on college apps, make college visits and, just as important, spend time with the host family and get a break from life in a high crime area.

The officers also mentor the kids and provide guidance, love and support, and help them see a life outside of Watts.


Our goal is to build a network of colleges, universities, and host families that will support our Watts2Boston scholars throughout the admissions process, their college experience and beyond.


Many of our students hope to someday return to Watts in order to become positive role models in their community, rather than leaving it behind. With the help of people who believe in them, our students will not fall victim to circumstance, but rather overcome obstacles. They will become who they want to be and go where they want to go.

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