Rising Up

During our flagship event, Rising Up, held annually in September, we champion education, resilience, and community. The weekend commences with "Pizza with a Purpose," where attendees enjoy pizza while absorbing impassioned speeches from our scholars. Sunday's "Conversations with Cops" fosters intimate discussions with those who balance education with neighborhood challenges, often marked by violence. Concluding the weekend is our Annual Golf Tournament at Hatherly Country Club in Scituate, MA.
During our 5th Annual Fundraising Weekend, we spotlight stories of crime and poverty victims, welcoming guests from Watts to share experiences. We engage in conversations about policing complexities in inner cities, offering solutions and resources for areas burdened by crime. Throughout the weekend, we extend impact by bringing our guests to local high schools, resonating deeply with students.

Weekend 4 Watts

"Why Watts, CA?" you might ask, when we are based in Boston. At "Weekend 4 Watts," we offer donors the chance to experience Watts firsthand. This community, with its limited economic development, dilapidated buildings, and ubiquitous trash, is where our scholars reside. They often live just around the corner from areas frequented by gang members, creating an environment that can confine them within their own homes.
In Watts, the prevalence of drugs, prostitution, and firearms often outweighs the sight of green grass and flowers. By inviting our donors to meet community leaders, residents, and our scholars in Watts, we enable them to truly comprehend why our collaboration with LAPD is crucial in aiding the citizens of this neighborhood.

Additional Events

Community Resource Fair

Engaging with a spectrum of resources, from essential food aid to after-school enrichment programs

Boston Run To Remember

Participating in a half marathon honoring fallen first responders

Montrose Prom Dress Drive

Donating over 70 prom dresses so Watts students can enjoy a night to remember

Tour of Boston Colleges

In April 2023, we extended a warm welcome to nine scholars from Watts, participants of our partnering organizations, Operation Progress and Strive. This eventful journey brought them to Boston for an immersive experience that encompassed college visits, professional development sessions, and engaging cultural activities.
Our scholars, hosted by local families, embarked on tours of prestigious institutions including Endicott College, Northeastern University, Boston College, Bentley University, and Harvard University. Our captivating roster of speakers included professionals from diverse fields like nursing, FBI, engineering, college admissions, journalism, finance, and non-profit leadership. Of course, what's a weekend in Boston without dinner in the North End and a trip to Fenway!

Showing our scholars what's possible for them

We take our scholars on a tour of local colleges, including:

  • Bentley University
  • Boston College
  • Northeastern University
  • Endicott College

Exploring career paths with successful professionals

We heard from experts on a variety of career paths and skills, including

  • Nursing
  • FBI
  • Journalism
  • Engineering

Enjoying a day with the Red Sox